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Development institute of the Russian Federation

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"Expert" Rating Agency

The agency has over 350 current individual ratings, including rating of corporate governance, quality of fund asset management, reliability of insurance companies and pension funds, and others.

The resource is aimed at young entrepreneurs and can also be interesting for professional investors who are looking for startups with proper motivation, and for industry experts.


It’s a periodical about technologies and investments, an event organizer and developer of services for entrepreneurs and investors.
The company focuses on the following areas:
1. Media for entrepreneurs and investors, providing the market with news, analytics, educational materials and UGC-content. Special projects launched within the website: Invest documents, Right for startup, Venture Reports, Clubs of investors, Guide by categories and Educational Content Map
2. Organisation of events for technology entrepreneurs and ‘hosting’ of the event calendar for Russian venture and IT community
3. Development of services for investors and entrepreneurs, the main one being PIPELINE (search for projects and co-investors), as well as B2B-showcase for the sale of third-party services, and services for SMEs
4. Encyclopaedia of public transactions and data about the players


It’s a community for professional search for venture capital investments and projects for investment, which evaluates investment attractiveness of start-ups and aggregates quality projects in its database.