Government fund of funds
Development institute of the Russian Federation

Ecosystem services

It helps authors of ideas and projects to prepare applications for grants, competitions, attraction of experts or investment.


The technological platform Bioindustry and Bioresources was created for realization of science, technology and innovation policies in the priority areas of technological modernization of the Russian economy - in biotechnologies.


It’s electronic information and trading system for raising capital by promising non-public companies of the innovation sector of the economy. It’s a part of the Innovation and Investment Market of the Moscow Stock Exchange, implemented in close cooperation with Rusnano, Russian Venture Company and other development institutions.

Medicine of the Future

It’s a technological platform which competence includes developments in the field of biomedical instrumentation, pharmaceuticals, diagnostic systems, multicomponent materials (bandages, stomatology and prosthetic materials). Among the participants: leading Russian universities (Bauman MSTU, Lomonosov MSU, MEPhI, NRU HSE), RAMS, RAS, as well as business partners and state corporations.