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Complex processing of coal and industrial waste in the Kemerovo region

Организация-координатор: ОАО «Кузбасский технопарк». Основные профили деятельности Кузбасского Технопарка определены в соответствии с особенностями развития Кемеровской области. Благодаря обширным запасам полезных ископаемых (угля, железной руды, магния, серебра, золота, молибдена и других), Кузбасс стал одним из крупнейших промышленных центров России, где располагаются ведущие угольные, металлургические, машиностроительные и химические предприятия страны.

Innovative Cluster of Information and Biopharmaceutical Technologies in the Novosibirsk Region

Innovative territorial cluster of information and biopharmaceutical technologies in the Novosibirsk region is a historically formed and constantly developing complex of interrelated companies and organizations possessing advanced scientific, technological, educational and entrepreneurial competencies, which ensure an effective development of the ‘new economy’ industries.

The cluster includes 130 enterprises and organizations united by a common academic culture, high technology developments, complementary technologies, collaborative projects, innovation and social infrastructure.

Co-coordinators: Investment Promotion Agency of the Novosibirsk Region OJSC, SibAcademSoft NP

Innovative Territorial Aerospace Cluster in the Samara Region

The basis of the aerospace cluster are the enterprises of space-rocket engineering, aircraft engineering, propulsion and machinery engineering, scientific and research organizations, such as Federal State Unitary Enterprise Progress State Research and Production Space Centre, Kuznetsov OJSC, Aviacor - Aviation Plant OJSC, Aviaagregat OJSC, Agregat OJSC, Hydroautomatica OJSC, Aviation Bearing Plant OJSC, Federal State Unitary Enterprise Research Institute Ekran. The peculiarity of this cluster consists in the fact that on the territory of the region there is full production cycle of all spectrum of aerospace engineering. Today the companies of the cluster design and produce spacecraft, aircraft and rocket engines, parts and components for aviation equipment, carry out maintenance and repair of aircrafts and power units.

Pharmaceuticals, Medical Technology and Information Technology in the Tomsk Region

The cluster consists of company-producers of pharmaceuticals and medical equipment, as well as companies specializing in the development of information technologies and manufacturing of electronics. Cluster members are united by scientific-production chains and well developed coordination mechanisms. A strong innovative component of the cluster is based on advanced scientific and educational base of Tomsk universities and cooperation between universities and businesses. Coordinators are Tomsk-Invest LLC - Managing Company of the Cluster Development Centre in the Tomsk Region, Tomsk State University of Control Systems and Radio Electronics.

Phystech XXI Cluster

It’s a pilot project for creation of a territory for development on the basis of a large scientific and educational centre and high-tech companies with focus on the development and implementation of innovative products. The main tool of project realization is integration of educational, scientific and technological, intellectual and human potential of the region with the existing and newly established high-tech industrial infrastructure. The Coordinator of the project is the Centre of Innovation Development of Biopharmaceutical Cluster Severny NP.

St. Petersburg Cluster for Radioelectronics, Instrumentation, Communications and Telecommunications

The Cluster development project is focused on high-tech inventions and sensors application, instruments and automated systems, which are used in various areas of urban economy and are designed to solve the problem of socio-economic development of the city in terms of providing comprehensive safety, resource-saving, efficiency of urban economy, housing and utilities infrastructure and state administrative bodies in order to improve quality of life of the population in St.Petersburg. The coordinators of the project are RUSSOFT NP, St.Petersburg Association of enterprises in the field of electronics, instrumentation, communications, information and telecommunications.