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Development institute of the Russian Federation

Associations and Professional Communities

ANO Far-East Agency for Advancing Innovations

The agency provides comprehensive support for innovation activities in the Far East Region.

Priority directions of activity:

  • Transfer of advanced technologies to the real economy;
  • Assistance in attracting venture capital investment to implement cost-effective innovative projects;
  • Informational support of regional innovation system;
  • Consulting, patent, educational, promotional work in directions of innovation development of the Khabarovsk Territory and the Far East;
  • International cooperation on issues of strategic cooperation in the field of innovations.

Association of technology parks in the sphere of high technologies NP

The Association, together with RVC OJSC is engaged in solution of problems related to attracting venture capital investments in technology parks in the sphere of high technologies and promote their innovative development.

Directors Club for Science and Innovation (iR&Dclub)

Club of Director for Science and Innovation is a professional community of top managers of the largest Russian companies responsible for innovation development, technological policy, research and development. This is a platform for the exchange of experience and best practices, establishment of horizontal relations, formulation and pursuit of interests of professionals in the field of innovation management and R&D. The events of the Club attract over 100 Directors for Science and Innovation of the largest Russian companies, including Rostelecom, RusHydro, Power Machines, Aeroflot, Oboronprom, Rostec and others.

MIT Enterprise Forum

It’s a platform for free communication of all parties interested in technology business and successful commercialization of promising developments. It holds conferences, seminars, discussions, advisory programs and other events where technology developers, investors, entrepreneurs, experts, representatives of state institutions and service providers have the opportunity to exchange their opinions on how to overcome the existing problems and build the economy of high technologies and innovations.

National Association of Business Angels (NABA)

It’s the All-Russian industrial association of early stage venture capital investors. The National Association consists of individual early stage venture capital investors and early stage venture funds.

National Association of Procurement Institutes (NAIZ)

It was established in 2012 by the all-Russian public organization Business Russia and the media holding Expert. The association is designed to promote an open dialogue between business and state to create and develop an effective scheme of procurement. NAIZ is a non-profit organization that brings together infrastructure, expertise, commercial, state and non-state organizations in the field of corporate, government and municipal procurement.

Russian Venture Capital Association (RVCA)

It’s a professional organization that unites representatives of venture capital funds and private equity funds. The Association promotes establishment and development of the market of direct and venture investment in Russia.

The RVCA objectives are:

  • Formation of Russia's political and business climate favourable for investment activities;
  • Representation of the interests of RVCA members in the executive and legislative authorities, mass media, financial and industrial communities within the country and abroad;
  • Information support and establishment of communicative platforms for participants of Russian venture capital market;
  • Development of education system for training of modern managerial staff, both for small innovative firms and for venture capital funds.

St. Petersburg Organization of Business Angels (SOBA)

Since 2008, SOBA has been assisting investors to find promising high-yield projects, and entrepreneurs - to develop projects from the business idea to a company entering the international market. For this purpose, there was created an accelerator, a management company which takes over the functions of a business partner if the authors of the idea do not have the necessary competencies and resources to conduct business, and a consulting company within SOBA. The organization also carries out educational programs for entrepreneurs and investors.