Board of Directors Committees

The main task of the Board of Directors Committees is to prepare effective preliminary reviews of the most important issues, and to make recommendations based on these reviews. These committees are:

  • The Strategic Planning Committee;
  • The Personnel and Compensation Committee;
  • The Audit and Integrity Committee;
  • The Corporate Governance Committee.

These committees include members of the Board of Directors, representatives of Russian State Ministries, authorized experts, business representatives, innovation and venture capital market representatives. Members of the RVC Board of Directors lead the committees.

The work of each committee is determined and controlled by the regulations developed for each committee.

Strategic Planning Committee

The Strategic Planning Committee assists the Board of the Directors in determining the most important lines of business and advises the Board of Directors on the strategic development of the company. Also, in accordance with the decision of the Board of Directors of RVC on April 20, 2015, Protocol No. 2, the Committee is authorized to consider activity plans within the National Technological Initiative and to apply the control of its implementation, and also provide recommendations for improvements.

Personnel and Compensation Committee

The Personnel and Compensation Committee assists the Board of Directors with the development of systems for staff motivation (including members of the Management Board) and respective internal regulations of the company.

Audit and Integrity Committee

The Audit and Integrity Committee assists the Board of Directors with issues regarding the approval of non-financial reporting, verification of KPI calculation, and integrity issues.

Corporate Governance Committee

The Corporate Governance Committee assists the Board of Directors in developing and improving corporate governance systems and practice.