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Legal information and limitation of liability

  1. The legal owner of the Internet site (“Site”) is the Russian Venture Company Open Joint-Stock Company (“Site Owner”). The Site Owner owns all intellectual property rights to the Site and exercises those rights at its own discretion, freely changes and supplements the body of the informational materials that form the Site, as well as the design of the Site, permits access to the Site or limits such access, and exercises any other rights pertaining to it with regard to the Site.

  2. The Site Owner supports the Site for the purpose of locating information on the Site about its activities, including information subject to public disclosure in compliance with the current law of the Russian Federation.

  3. Site users may freely acquaint themselves with the Content located on the Site in open access. Access to the Content as a general rule is provided openly and free of charge, except as expressly provided on the Site or in compliance with the current law of the Russian Federation. The Site Owner may simultaneously establish closed or limited access to certain parts of the Content, including the conduct of closed competitions, questions of offers, placement of conference information, and in other situations permitted by current law.

  4. For access to particular parts of the Site the user may make use of special registration to the Site. At the time of registration the Site Owner may decline the user’s use of a user name (or email address) that has already been selected by another party; may assess an access attempt as an attempt to pass oneself off as another party, or that it belongs to another party; that it violates rights to items of intellectual property or other third party rights; that it is obscene or offensive; or that it has been rejected by the Site Owner at its own discretion. The user is responsible for maintaining the access password to the Site private and may not pass the password and user name on to another party nor in any other way transfer use of or access to the Site to other parties. The user bears full responsibility for interaction with the Site under his/her password and user name. The user is required to notify the Site Owner promptly in the event of an unauthorized use of his/her account signature or user name, as well as about other security violations with regard to his/her account signature or the Site and, further, must log off from his/her account signature on the Site (if required) upon completing each visit to the Site. The Site Owner bears no liability for losses incurred as a result of failure of the user to observe any of the above requirements.

  5. Exclusive rights to informational materials, logos, software, databases, graphic, audiovisual, and design content of the Site (“Content”) belongs to the Site Owner. In particular cases, exclusive and other intellectual rights and materials located on the Site may belong to other rights owners, in agreement with whom corresponding parts of the Content may be located on the Site.

  6. Site users may not use Content in any manner, in whole or in part, including reproduction, distribution, broadcasting, transmission by cable, translation, reworking, putting into practice, or bringing the Content into general knowledge, without the prior written consent of the Site Owner and/or other rights owners of the said Content, except in allowed cases of free use of the Content directly provided by the current law of the Russian Federation. The use of Content without the consent of the Site Owner and other rights owners and outside the framework of established law regarding cases of the free use of informational materials may result in civil, administrative, or criminal liability and is a violation of Russian and international law.

  7. In the case of lawful quotation of Content and reproductions of portions of the Content that are dedicated to current economic, political, and social issues, reference to the Site Owner and to the Site as the source of the materials used is mandatory.

  8. The Site may not be used for distribution or transmission of any materials that violate the current law and international obligations of the Russian Federation, and in particular, that violate rights of intellectual property, that contain threats, offensiveness, inaccurate information, or defamatory, vulgar, obscene, scandalous, inflammatory, pornographic, or blasphemous materials or any other materials that may constitute or stimulate actions that are illegal and that violate the current legislation of the Russian Federation, the rights and legal interests of third parties. The Site Owner will cooperate fully with law enforcement agencies or will perform any judicial and administrative actions intended to inform authorized state agencies of the personal data of the user who placed or transmitted any similar information or materials, in order to delete similar information or prevent public access to them.

  9. The Site may not be used for placement or transmission of viruses, malware, and other computer codes, files, or programs, that can cause harm, have an invasive character, or are created for the purpose of damage to or capture of the results of an operation or control of their use, or of any hardware, software, or equipment.

  10. The Site may not be used for the purpose of violating the rights of other parties nor for processing the personal data of other Site users.

  11. Limiting or blocking use of the Site for other users, or violating the operation of the Site or servers and networks providing the Site’s operation is prohibited, as well as violating the requirements, procedures, rules, and operating standards of those networks.

  12. Changing (modifying) adapting, decompiling, disassembling, and reengineering any part of the Site is prohibited.

  13. Site Content is presented “as is”, with no guarantees, including any guarantee of applicability to given purposes, commercial suitability, etc. The Content may contain technical inaccuracies and errors. The Site Owner may make changes to the Content at any time without prior notification of third parties. The Site Owner makes every effort to assure that the Content is as accurate, complete, reliable, and current as possible. Along with that, the Site Owner cannot guarantee that the entire Site is complete, reliable, and current and bears no liability for consequences of use of the Content by third parties.

  14. The Site owner makes no representations and gives no guarantees or assessments to the effect that the results presented in the Content and described in statements regarding future results will be achieved. Such statements regarding future results in every case reflect one of numerous possible scenarios and should not be viewed as the most likely or as the standard scenario.

  15. Information presented on the Site about the Site Owner, financial accountings of the Site Owner, and information about the financial performance of the Site Owner is presented for the purpose of increasing the transparency of the Site Owner’s activities and to inform government agencies and the public about its performance. With this goal, the Site Owner makes every possible effort to assure that the information presented is as reliable and up-to-date as possible; however, it bears no liability for possible inaccuracies in the Content presented or delays in updating it. The Site Owner retains the right at its own discretion to determine what is in the Content, and to relocate, update, or delete information of this nature.

  16. The Site Owner bears no liability for losses arising for the Site user or third parties as a result of their use of the Content, including lost profit.

  17. The Site Owner bears no liability for losses arising for the Site user for reasons associated with technical malfunctions of hardware or software, as well as for losses arising as a result of the actions of the Site’s users that clearly do not conform to customary rules of operation with information on the Internet.

  18. If a user has any proposals for the Site Owner, he/she may direct them to: