Government fund of funds
Development institute of the Russian Federation


RVC speakers

Chief Executive Officer of RVC

Повалко А.Б.
General Director, Chairman of the Management Board of RVC JSC, JPG 3930х5888, 9.54 МБ

Deputy CEO

Mikhail Antonov
Deputy General Director - Director for Innovative Infrastructure Development at RVC JSC, JPG 3977х5958, 15.5 MB
Mikhail Fedotov
Deputy General Director - Financial Director, a member of the Management Board of RVC JSC, 4315x6466, 15 MB


Andruschak Grigory
Director of the Centre for Strategic Planning and Development of RVC JSC, 1307х116, 757 KB
Gogolev Georgiy
Director for Corporate Innovation and Technology Transfer, 4493х6732, 17.8 MB
Gusev Aleksey
Director for Innovative Ecosystem Development of RVC JSC, 7032х4693, 8.75 MB
Kurmyshev Ilya
Director for the Development of Technology Partnerships of RVC JSC, 4491х6730, 18.3 MB
Deputy Director for Accelerated Programs of RVC JSC, 4127х6184, 13.8 MB

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