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Innovation Leader CE VF

About the Fund

Innovation Leader Close-End Mutual Fund of High-Risk (Venture) Investments invests into technological innovations in the sphere of energy development and energy efficiency, chemistry and petrochemical industry, technologies, media and telecommunications, new software programs, new materials, services and equipment.

Basic parameters of the Fund

Name Innovation Leader
Form of Incorporation Close-End Mutual Funds of High-Risk (Venture) Investments
Trust Management Rules Registration No. 1273-94147577
Fund Target Amount RUB 3,000,000,000
End Date of Formation 19.12.2008
Period of functioning 10 years
VAV as of the end of formation RUB 600,000,000
Number of issued shares 3,000,000
Share Owners RVC JSC
GPB Bank (JSC)
Fund's Venture Specialists
Management Company Leader Closed Joint-Stock Company (Pension Fund Assets Management Company)

Investment Portfolio

A series production of looped heat-removal pipes, the implementation of new technology for heat remo

Extension of business by case and the development of a number of products for the complex management

Organization of production of geosynthetic materials and the development of methods and technologies

An engineering company designing intellectual video surveillance systems on the basis of hardware an

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