Government fund of funds
Development institute of the Russian Federation

The program of creation of investment instruments

Program objective is to form investment instruments for the financial and investment infrastructure focused on attraction of private capital and efficient support of business initiatives of the management companies, private, corporate and institutional investors to the benefit of the Russian venture investment market.

Financial instruments created within a program framework are aimed at attraction of the Russian and foreign capital to the innovation segment of the Russian economy (with priority to industry tracks relevant to the new global markets of National Technology Initiative) and at enhancement of quality of the innovation projects flow.

Financial instruments used by RVC will contribute to commercialization of the Russian technologies having potential of launching new products and services on the market.


1. Creation and/or participation in the financial instruments focused on attraction of private capital to the venture market and support of technology projects on different development stages.

2. Support provided to the corporate venture investment instruments in interaction with the biggest corporations and companies with governmental participation.

3. Sharing the investment instruments preparation practice within a framework or using Russian jurisdiction

4. Attracting the international capital to the Russian venture market in real economic conditions


Creation of the investment instruments

Development and support of the direct and venture investment market in the Russian Federation through creation of the investment funds and participation in them, as well as development of new investment products and services oriented at priority industrial tracks.

Objectives of the initiative

  • Setting up investment funds.
  • Sharing the practice related to setting up of the investment funds in the form of investment partnership agreement.
  • Promotion, development and support (including financial support) provided to the corporate investment funds.

Initiative implementation will ensure increase in supply of the qualified capital on the Russian PE&VC market including NTI industrial tracks.

Interaction with the professional investment community

Development of relations in Russia and abroad with the professional participants of the PE&VC market including institutional investors to design cooperation forms aimed at development of the Russian technology market in the perspective industry tracks.

Objectives of the initiative:

  • Identification and working out of conditions necessary to attract international capital to the Russian venture market in real economy conditions.
  • Development and launch of the joint initiatives (funds, instruments, projects) related to support and development of PE&VC market in cooperation with the professional community.

Initiative implementation should ensure development of permanent, long-term RVC's connections with the professional investment community and it also implies implementation of the best global practices of creation and management of the investment funds, fundraising opportunities analysis and increase of the investment community loyalty level.

Interaction with the NTI task forces

Arrangement of interaction of RVC and other market participants with the NTI task forces in relation to creation and management of the financial and investment instruments focused on support to the NTI industries.

Objective of the initiative

  • Development of the roadmap for financial instruments supporting NTI

The initiative is aimed at support of the NTI project office in terms of development of a comprehensive plan for creation and management of the financial NTI support instruments that will consider demands arising during NTI roadmaps life cycle and in the process of implementation of specific NTI projects at different stages.