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Subsidiary Funds

RVC Seed Fund Ltd.

RVC Seed Fund Ltd. (RVC Seed Fund), was created in October, 2009, by RVC (99.9%) and by the Foundation for Assistance to Small Innovative Enterprises in the scientific and technical sphere (0.1%). It is focused on investing in the Russian innovative companies with high growth potential in Russian and foreign innovation and technology markets.

With the participation of RVC Seed Fund capital, 5 microfunds were created, in the form of investment partnerships agreement: "Seed Fund ACP IPA", "Venture Fund Accelerator IPA", "Softline Seed Fund IPA", "High Technologies Seed Fund IPA", "Live Science Seed Fund IPA"

The target size of the fund, million rubles:1982

RVC Civil Technologies, Ltd

Civil Technologies of the Military-Industrial Complex, Ltd (RVC Civil Technologies, Ltd) was created in April, 2013, with the participation of  RVC (70%), JSC "Ramenskoye Design Bureau" (20%) and the Fund for the Assistance for Development of Science, Innovation and Technology (10%).

The fund is focused on investment projects in the industrial cluster  in  the seed stage, with high growth potential for capitalization in the short and medium terms. These are, primarily, projects from the sphere of high-tech instrumentation, microelectronics and micromechanics for special purposes, visualization systems, high-precision navigation, creating new materials, embedded systems (software, intelligent systems, and control systems), technology, welding, soldering and heat treatment, etc. 

The target size of the fund, million rubles:1000

RVC Biofund Ltd.

RVC Biopharmaceutical Investment Ltd. (RVC Biofund) was established in early 2011 with the participation of RVC (96.25%) and "Venture Innovation Fund" (3.75%).

Investment Focus of the Fund -  innovative biopharmaceutical and service companies providing contract, laboratory, information-analytical and consulting services to companies in the biotechnology pharmaceutical and medical industries.

The target size of the fund, million rubles:1500

RVC InfraFund LLC

Infrastructure investments RVC LLC (RVC InfraFund LLC) was established in January, 2011, with the participation of RVC (99.91%) and OJSC "SME Bank" (0.09%).

The strategic objective of Infrafund RVC is the development of innovative infrastructures for markets, allowing their members to effectively commercialize the results of scientific and research activities. Infrafond RVC invests in commercially-promising companies that have a wide range of services for all participants of innovative markets, and which are located in the regions with a developed research and educational base.

The target size of the fund, million rubles:2000