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Investor development

Investor development

Initiative objective is to extend and support Russian community of the professional venture investors.

Within a framework of this initiative, based on the formed demand of the venture market participants, systematic work related to the development of professional competence of the Russian venture investors is planned through the educational programs, broadcasting of best investment practice, establishment of horizontal connections between the participants.

Main initiative implementation tracks:

— development of advanced training systems for the potential and existing business angels in Moscow and Russian regions including online and off-line formats;
— educational program for directors and specialists of venture funds;
— educational program for top managers and corporate innovation managers in order to share the best practices in setting up of the corporate venture funds and promotion of the open innovation instruments;
— arrangement of the international internship for the representatives of corporations and venture funds to exchange experience and share the best foreign management practices in corporate venture investments;
— making a number of analytic researches to increase transparency of the venture market for its participants.

This initiative is expected to be implemented in cooperation with the other development institutions, federal and regional executive authorities, entities of innovation infrastructure including for contribution to the efficient coordination of development institutions activity in this direction.

Objectives of the initiative

1. Increase in the professional level of venture investors, business angels and corporate venture funds.

2. Development of communication venues for the venture industry participants.

3. Increase of transparency of the venture market and development of analytical resources to support venture investors.