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Support provided to the leading high technology companies “National Champions”

Support provided to the leading high technology companies “National Champions”

From 2012, RVC is engaged in creation of new opportunities for quickly growing high technology companies, in particular by forming Tech Success rating, within which framework small and medium Russian companies are discovered, some kind of elite of the Russian innovation business that continuously demonstrate “upper intermediate” indicators in their industry. Thanks to the rating, these companies gained additional awareness for public, governmental authorities and big public corporations.

From 2016, the Ministry of Economic Development and Trade of the Russian Federation in Partnership with RVC launched the priority project related to support to the private high technology leading companies (“National Champions”).

High technology companies with high export potential and revenue growth rate with a status of the Tech Success participant are selected for the project.

At the moment, the participants of the priority project “National Champions” are 30 companies with the annual revenue from 1 to 30 billion rubles; work to establish the state support mechanisms for the selected companies and elaborate the companies’ strategies is done in order to achieve project criteria.

Project objectives

Ensuring of the outrunning growth of the national leading private high technology export-driven companies and establishing of the transnational Russian companies on their basis.

RVC provides methodological and analytical support to the project, assists companies in development of outrunning growth strategies and also hosts the following events: “growth sessions” to select the companies and estimate their results, educational events, strategic sessions and clubs — practice-oriented communication venues for company executives. Logo of the project “National Champions” was developed in association with RVC, a catalogue of the companies participating in the project is prepared as well.

Operator of the “National Champions” project is HSE Institute of Innovation Management.

Selection procedure

In 2016, 30 companies participating in “National Champions” were selected with the support of RVC.

The Project Council was created in order to select the companies; the following experts were included in it together with the experts of the Ministry of Economic Development of Russia: Ministry of Industry and Trade of Russia, Ministry of Education and Science of Russia, RVC, Rosnano, Vnesheconombank, Small and Medium Business, ASI, NRU HSE corporations, Russian Export Center, Russian Direct Investment Fund, Innovation Promotion Fund, Industrial Development Fund and other involved parties.

The selection was made in two stages. At first, the candidates were selected — about 60 companies surpassing the other companies for the following criteria: revenue growth rate, share of exports in revenue, share of R&D in expenses, share of expenses for technological innovations, quantity of new products for the global market. A list of companies-candidates was approved by the protocol of the Project Council meeting.

The final list of the participating companies was determined as a result of the three-day “growth sessions”, where the first persons of 60 companies-candidates represented achievements and development plans of their companies to the experts, representatives of the Federal Executive Authorities, development institutions, and consulting companies. Detailed analytical notes of the companies prepared based on the preliminary deep interviews with their executives were issued to assist the experts. As a result, 30 companies were selected to participate in the priority project of the Ministry of Economic Development of Russia “National Champions”.

Support measures

The selected companies, within the framework of the project, are provided with support in the form of organizational assistance to get access to the existing state support mechanisms including:

  • assistance in entering global markets,
  • ensuring incorporation of the company in the acquisition systems of public companies and budget companies,
  • assistance in development and implementation of the corporate high growth strategy, extension of marketing areas and increase of company size.

Subject to proposals made by the companies, changes in the statutory regulations aimed at elimination of administrative barriers are initiated and a set of innovation support instruments is updated.