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Training Course: Innovative Economy and Technological Entrepreneurship

Training Course: Innovative Economy and Technological Entrepreneurship

The current educational standards (FSES – Federal State Educational Standards) for most natural-science areas of training (bachelor's level) envisage a study of the basic course on economics or economics and management along with vocation-related subjects in physics, chemistry, biology, etc. Depending on a particular FSES, the course may have different names: "Economics", "Economic Theory", "Economics and Organization of Production", "Fundamentals of Economics and Management", etc.

Economic courses in most universities, within the framework of their educational programs in natural sciences, include the history of economic doctrines, as well as the fundamentals of micro and macroeconomics. However, they do not give practical insight into the basic theories, concepts and facets of the innovation economy and do not affect the basics of innovative management and entrepreneurship. In many cases, the courses being taught are not systemic enough, sometimes detached from reality and built on ineffective obsolete teaching methods. At the same time, graduates of the indicated training areas will inevitably face technological innovations in their professional activities, and that is why they must understand the fundamentals of the economy of innovations and technological entrepreneurship.

In this regard, RVC initiated the development of this course and provided funding and intellectual support for its development and implementation. ITMO University and the Faculty of Economics of Lomonosov Moscow State University were involved as partners.

Project objective:

Creation of a standard training course on economics and entrepreneurship for bachelor students being trained in educational programs of natural-science and technical programs, and accompanying methodological materials, as well as making arrangements for the dissemination of the course or its key modules among higher education establishments in Russia.

Key milestones:

1. Development of educational and methodological materials of the course for students and teachers, recommendations for the introduction of the course in educational programs — May 31, 2017.
2. Carrying out advanced training courses for teachers — June 13-17, 2017
3. Development of an on-line course and its posting on the "Open Education" platform — August 31, 2017.

The materials developed will be posted on this page.

Advanced training program for teachers of higher education establishments in Russia RVC, JSC, ITMO University and the Faculty of Economics of Lomonosov Moscow State University will be holding an advanced training program named Innovative Economics and Technological Entrepreneurship for teachers of Russian universities in the period from June 13-17, 2017. Venue: St. Petersburg, ITMO University.

What is so unique about the program?

— The training course is practice-oriented;
— The course generates competences both in the area of innovative economy, and in the field of entrepreneurship;
— The original methodology of teaching the subject "Innovative Economics and Technological Entrepreneurship";
— Transfer of unique experience and techniques for accelerating high-technology start-ups.

At the end of this training you will obtain:

— New knowledge and experience;
— Certificate of professional development in the established standard form;
— A set of teaching materials for the introduction of the course at your university/college: workbooks for students and a methodical manual for the teacher, a set of business games, case studies, practical assignments and a collection of valuation tools;
— Partnerships with the best universities/higher education establishments in the country;
— Excellent impressions from St. Petersburg during the famous White Nights.

Training and teaching materials are free. The course participant pays only for his trip to St. Petersburg. Additional information can be found in the attached files, as well as on the website of the program at Deadline for submission of applications and registration: May 15, 2017. Participants will be selected on a competitive basis.

Contact Person:

Anastasia Malchukova,
Tel.: (812) 457-18-03,
Cell phone: +7(921)975-59-60,