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NTI and Technological Development

The development of technology, support of high-tech companies, creation of an enabling environment for start-ups, rapid introduction and commercialisation of new developments are essential factors for the creation of a competitive economy of the country.

To achieve this goal, RVC uses venture financing tools, organizes accelerating and educational programs, works with technology communities, contributes to the transformation of scientific and technology resources into start-ups and technology companies developing new technologies, products, and services.

Priority technology areas to which the company is oriented correspond (but not limited) to the thematic areas of NTIroad maps and "cross-cutting" technologies related to the implementation of the Strategy for Scientific and Technology Development of the Russian Federation, and, among other things in the field of creating large-scale platforms for a modern digital economy: biomedicine, energy, advanced production technologies, new materials, development of component base, and quantum technologies.

The development of technology entrepreneurship is carried out by RVC in the context of megaprojects of the State innovation policy, such as National Technology Initiative (NTI), the Digital Economy program and, possibly, other future projects and programs, taking into account the directions and tasks of the Strategy of scientific and technological development of the Russian Federation.

National Technology Initiative (NTI)

The National Technology Initiative (NTI) is a long-term comprehensive program creating conditions for ensuring the leadership of Russian companies in new high-tech markets that will determine the structure of the global economy in the next 15-20 years.

NTI includes a set of projects and programs aimed at integrating of Russia into the formation of standards for global markets for the future and the receipt by Russian companies in these markets of a significant share.

In his Address to the Federal Assembly on December 4, 2014, Russian President Vladimir Putin designated the National Technological Initiative as one of the priorities of State policy.

"When forecasting for a long term, it is necessary to understand what challenges Russia will face in 10-15 years, which innovative solutions will require to ensure national security, high quality of people's life, development of the sectors of the new technological order."
— from the message to the Federal Assembly.

The website of the National Technology Initiative

Since 2015, RVC has been involved in the implementation of NTI, and since 2016 it has been performing the functions of NTIProject Office: carries out project management, organizational, technical and expert-analytical support, information and financial support for the development and implementation of road maps and NTI projects.

To develop NTIand increase the effectiveness of the implementation of the "road maps" and NTI projects, in addition to performing the functions of NTIProject Office, RVC operates in the following areas:

The tools for venture financing of NTI projects

Expansion of existing instruments of State support for innovative activities, as well as new forms of State support for NTI projects

Accelerating programs

In cooperation with development institutions and other partners, the creation of accelerating programs for the formation of a steady stream of NTI projects

NTI Projects

Implementation of significant projects in the interests of NTI: establishment of NTI competence centres on the basis of universities and scientific organizations, organization of NTI technology competitions, etc.

  • 285
    billion rubles total revenue of Russian high-tech fast-developing companies following the results of TechUp-2017 rating
    experts and investors formed their vision of the venture market strategy at the forum "Ecosystem of Innovations-2017"
  • 3 470
    start-ups applied for GenerationS-2017
    billion rubles of investments have been attracted by the startups of GenerationS on the monitoring results
  • 2
    NTI technology contests were launched by RVC, the Skolkovo Foundation and the Agency for Strategic Initiatives in 2017
    school children applied for the All-Russian Engineering Olympiad organized as part of NTI
  • 50+
    deals were made between GenerationS-2016 start-ups and corporations and investors
    entrepreneurs received counseling from experts of venture capital market within RSPC in 2016
  • 5,000
    entrepreneurs participated in educational programs and activities for start-ups organized and supported by RVC
    50 000
    people attended festivals of technical creativity organized under RVC project

Development of NTI

Assistance to RVC in the development of NTI includes the development of a long-term NTI implementation plan, monitoring and updating NTIroad maps, the adoption and implementation of normative road maps, the creation of NTI infrastructure centres, the expansion of the participation of federal executive bodies, the provision of technology analysis and expertise in the interests of NTI.

Development of a long-term plan for the implementation of NTI Monitoring the implementation of market "road maps" of NTI "Standard Road maps" of NTI Infrastructure centres of NTI Support NTI projects

Overcoming technology related barriers

The most critical task of NTI is formation of a scientific and technical backlog in Russia, an active support of "cross-cutting" technologies and removal of existing technology related barriers to the development of Russian industry. Overcoming technology associated barriers will contribute to the development of national scientific and industrial potential, intellectual base, as well as the emergence of new technologies, products, and markets.

Program initiatives:

NTI competence centres on the basis of universities and scientific organizationsNTI Technology Competitions

Venture market infrastructure development program

Program objective is to form and develop objects included in the Russian venture market infrastructure. Within the program framework, RVC carries out activities related to educational, communication, information and analytical support to investment community participants and regional infrastructure objects providing a high quality flow of teams and projects of technology entrepreneurship.

Program initiatives:

Investor developmentGenerationS industry acceleratorsDevelopment of the regional infrastructure for technology entrepreneurshipArchive of Projects

Strategic development of the national innovation system

One of the key results of RVC activities within this direction should be development of strategic agenda and specific proposals for various aspects of innovation, scientific and technological policy as well as public support of the corresponding initiatives.

Program initiatives:

Development of the strategic agenda and methodological basics for development of the national innovation systemDevelopment of strategic partners in setting up of the national innovation systemDevelopment of competence of the innovation system participants and promotion of the RVC's strategic agendaArchive of Projects

International Activity

RVC international activities are aimed at studying of relevant information about the most promising international innovation markets, development of partnerships with their key players, and integration of products and services of Russian technology companies into global added value chains.

GenerationS — Federal Accelerator for Technology Start-ups

Federal accelerator for technology start-ups, in which the best projects are selected, by the results of a multi-stage examination, to receive intensive development and opportunities for investment.

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TechUp — Russia’s fast-growing high-tech companies National Rating

An efficient tool for the search, monitoring and promotion of promising fast-growing, domestic non-resource companies with high potential for leadership, both in domestic and global markets.

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Open Innovation — Forum and Technology Show

A global discussion platform where entrepreneurs, representatives of the research community, and innovators share their experiences, present achievements, and predict trends in the development of the new technology market and discuss prospects of international cooperation in the field of innovation.

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National Report on Innovation

One of the main tasks was to form a set of indicators for effectiveness that characterize, among other things, the dynamic of innovation development, and also the level of advancement or lag in comparison with foreign colleagues.

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Smart Systems

RVC performs diversified organizational and expert activities as part of the execution of the order of the President of the Russian Federation, dated November 3, 2011, on the implementation of the Smart House pilot project. In particular, in Moscow, a specialized Smart House exhibition was created, which presents integrated solutions of Russian innovative companies. Special attention is paid to the expansion of cooperation with leading institutions and centers of international standardization in the field of intelligent systems (ISO, IEC, etc.).

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